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So apparently this app was updated, and now all my subscriptions are gone and it’s like I never have used the app before. And now the interface is even less user friendly. Good news is now I actually have a reason to switch to a different podcast app, since none of my podcasts are even there anymore!

Used to be a loyal user

How stupid to update the app without any warning that it’d delete all of my subscriptions. Not going to even bother, I’ll just go back to using Castro. Great update. 👍🏽

A Learning Curve, but boy is it worthwhile...

This app is so beautiful, it’s visual design will strike you as something which is frankly outdoing the design teams of massive companies. Once you understand the App’s panes and hierarchies, interface is super easy and fun to click through. The new design is even more beautiful. The whole interaction model is several layers deep, it can be as full featured as you want. The true black mode is a major battery saver for the new iPhones.

Love the new approach

I’m a podcast app snob, and I love how iOS focused podcast apps really are the cream of the crop when it comes to design. This so far is the best looking podcast app available. And it tries some unique new interaction concepts never done before. I will say, it takes a few swipes around the interface to remember what the icons do and, for instance, how to find your subscribed podcasts after searching the podcast directory. I was thinking it might work to use either different shades/colors or perhaps some translucency for the various layers that exist within the so you can always remember your place within the app at a glance. Overall wonderful minimalist design, great typography and use of space.

Intuitive, minimalist, and beautiful.

An intellectual approach to the podcast app game, Agora conditions you to use your mind to adapt to it’s array of powerful functions. Gesture control is the future of all handheld devices, and this app is ahead of the game. It’s a little odd at first to navigate, but after a few days of using it, I’m in love. SUGGESTIONS TO THE DEVELOPER: -a function to add pods to the playlist without needing to play them first would be awesome -an info pid on the top of the playlist that shows total playlist time (accumulative play time of all pods on the list) would be really cool. I like to set up my 9 hour work day beforehand so I can just hit play and forget it. -a full screen playback view that shows the podcast’s artwork would be fun, but isn’t a necessary addition -keep doing what you’re doing, this app is FIRE 😎

Beautiful but 2 feature requests

This is one of the most beautifully designed apps on the store. It takes a little bit to get used to all the shortcuts but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. There are, however, three minor features missing that I think would make this app perfect. The first is something that I have been looking for in a podcast app for a while- autoplay from the most recent podcast with unlistened episodes when the queue (or playlist as it’s called in this app) is empty. This used to be on the native podcasts app but apple took it out for some reason. The second is a quick option to swipe right on an episode to add it to the playlist. I know you can swipe left and then tap the button, but that’s pretty slow- and it really adds up when you’re scrolling through your podcasts to build a queue to listen to. The last one is the ability to organize your grid of podcasts. By default, it’s done alphabetically, but I would like to drag my most listened to podcasts to the top. Overall though my experience with this app is amazing.

Hard to navigate

A very pretty app but it’s hard to navigate. Small thumbnails for podcast art even when choosing the larger thumbnail option. Also I was only able to import half of my podcasts and then unable to find the other ones in the discovery/add section.

Great App with Feature Request

Love the app. Super fluid and unique interface after you go through the walkthroughs. There is great built in utility and customization at the same time. If there is anything I would like to see in a future update, it would be a simple fast forward/rewind set of buttons (5, 15, 30 second intervals) on the playlist screen. Even a gesture would do the trick! I would just love to see a quick fix for scrubbing through an episode without having to drag to a specific second-interval. Otherwise a fantastic experience!

Great beginning. Interface is confusing

I love the sleek and minimalist design. However the interface is a bit confusing. I can’t really tell where my main subscriptions are as I can only see the playlist menu. I’d like to be able to see a menu for all my podcast subscriptions. Also Apple Watch support would be nice in the future.


Yes, a pretty app, but if I can’t figure out how to use it well and intuitively? It’s taking too long and is too frustrating, so now I’m more inclined to avoid it. I really want to like this app, I keep trying, but I’m ready to move on. Three stars for design


Absolutely lovely app to listen to your podcasts in!

The interaction is little bit confusing


It will not pick up where I left off

This app is amazing and I love listening to podcasts on it. Intuitive, features packed and beautiful. However, for some reason it will not pick up where I left off when I leave the app for more than one hour. If I’m playing an episode and I’m at 18:45 playtime, when I open the app later the same video is at 8:14. I don’t know if this is a bug or only happening to me but it’s killing my experience. Going to have to go back to pocketcasts and revisit the app once it’s updated.

Much clean design. Much potential.

I love podcasts and i think this app can be functionaly great. It already looks great. We need the option to sort podcasts and episodes. The app crashes when i scroll down a podcast feed. The album art on display should be bigger. Navigation is confusing. This is great. I will rate 5 stars when the much needed functionality is added. Keep up the great work!

Hard to navigate, flawed

I want to like this app and give it a reason to use over the vast amount of other podcast players available, but it gets one of the most basic things wrong. There seems to be a flaw with the app saving your place on a cast. I have had most of my podcasts skip backwards a good ten minutes when I pause them and come back later. The second thing wrong for me is the interface. It is beautifully minimal, but unfortunately sooo minimal I frankly don't understand where to go. Very frustrating.

Update Fixed Crashes

A very nice looking app that shows a lot of potential. The developer responded quickly to my crash issue, and while it’s not quite as refined as Castro (which is another single playlist player), it’s definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a nice podcast player. The fact that multiple playlists are in the works is an added bonus I’m looking forward to seeing.

Outstanding app, just one tiny flaw

Okay this app is insane. The UI is beautiful! Its really customizable and unique, rarely do I comment on a app’s interface but well done. The only reason Im giving 4 stars is because I feel like the app REALLY needs to have a full page for when you play the podcast itself... It could be simple, album cover, rewind, play, forward and the time your at. If the developer made a designated player panel this app would be perfect!

Great Start!

I’ve been using the vanilla Apple Podcasts app with every iPhone I’ve ever bought and decided to buy this one cuz I wanted a new podcast app. First off all, this app is really pretty. The minimalistic style is a breath of fresh air from other paid podcasting apps. It’s missing some features and the UI needs some more cleaning up, but so far it’s the best two bucks I’ve spent on the AppStore.

Style over substance

The UX is even more horrible than the Apple native podcast app; which I didn't think was possible. Hope the PM gets a swift (metaphorical) kick up the B, as it's so incredibly unintuitive it's insane, Added to the indecipherable icons, I wonder if they tested this on any real people whatsoever.

Fantastic design, needs a bit more

What a great idea. One of the most beautiful apps I’ve ever used. It’s already so far along, even in its infancy. All I ask is for better download management- that is, downloaded indicators, download buttons, flexible cache sizes, etc. Right now, it’s impossible to know whether any episode is/isn’t downloaded, and with data limits, this is a deterrent. Thank you so much for this app!

Very confusing navigation

I’m sure the developers thought this navigation was quite creative. And plenty of people seem to agree. But to me it was very confusing. It completely breaks from expectations set elsewhere in iOS. It’s like this one app runs on a different mobile OS and I have to learn how it specifically works. I like the visual style of the UI. But every time I tap a button, I feel like I’m just guessing at what it might do. I’ve been trying to get used to it for the past few days now. But I’m giving up.

Pretty podcast player with some major usability concerns

Iconography isn't very clear to me. The lack of a tutorial or feature guide makes this app frustrating to learn the deeper features. Coming from pocket casts or the Apple podcast app it feels very jarring having these deep gesture based features that aren’t really explained very well, and sharp icons with little context as to their meaning. Overall good start. Excited to see improvements in the future.

Looks good, but it isn’t for me

Agora’s design is beautiful and it is probably a great podcast app for some. Because of that I gave it 4 Stars. I don’t think it’s right to give an app a low rating just because it doesn’t fit my use case. For others it may be perfect. I did remove 1 star because the control icons are not intuitive (at least for me). Each time I open the app I have to hit several buttons just to get the one I actually want. The information provided when selecting a podcast is great. If it’s a tech podcast you can just select the category button (tech) and it will show you similar tech podcasts. The speed function is ok, I just wish it had smart speed where only the breaks between talking were sped up. It isn’t for me because I can’t find a way to create separate playlists. In overcast I have separate playlists based on categories (productivity, technology, knowledge, entertainment, etc), based on length (short 15 min or less, medium 15 min - 30 min, and long (30 min +) and for activities (driving, working out, working, etc). This makes it super simple to choose which playlist to pick. Overcast smart playlists make it easy to set up all of these, select which podcasts to include, specific episodes to include, and which order they play in. In Agora I was only able to find 1 playlist that I have to manually select podcasts/episodes for each time. Since Agora may not be for everyone I think it would be helpful if the dev offered it free with a limited trial after which users would have to make an IAP to continue using it.


Better than Castero for sure


I like playlists that put my 110 podcast subscriptions in categories. If there’s a way to make a playlist on this app, I haven’t figured it out. If you like playlists, then this app isn’t for you. It is pretty though. When the app gets updated to include multiple playlists I will update my review. Another feature request would be iCloud sync.

Stunning Design

Redefines how a user interacts with podcasts. Takes the chore out of organizing your podcast queues.

Gorgeous, with promise

Beautiful app. It makes Overcast and the others look so 1990. It has several bugs to iron out, and the toggle buttons in the settings are odd, but it shows great potential.


I've listened to podcasts on a few different apps and services and this is the nicest player I've used! Clean interface!

Love it

This might be one of the most beautifully designed apps I have ever seen. There are a few things that could improve it a little but it’s a great start.

A fresh take

I’ve been a longtime Overcast user, but I’ve found their attempt at replicating Apple’s card UX to poorly executed at frustrating to navigate. Smart speed was cool, until I realized this has the same exact thing. Clean, intuitive, beautiful to look at. Goodbye overcast.

Very efficient and well thought out

UI is changing so much these days but this app does feel very easy and user centric, while cutting a lot of traditional ideas of navigation inside apps. It's efficient cause it removes some motion. Like if so far but can we have 15s forward/backward?



Great Start!

Loving the gorgeous animations and the flow of using the app! One improvement area would be the quality of the audio engine at faster speeds, especially 1.5x+ does not sound great. Really the only area that needs work!


The whole experience is awesome. Highly recommended.

Super super super

Design and functionality is super. I love it from the very first second I open it. Thanks you for such a great application

Gorgeous app

Another great app by the talented Javi Perez

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